Based in Küsnacht, on the lake of Zürich, tpk translations is a modern Swiss translation agency dedicated to achieving that mix of excellence, efficiency and flexibility we believe is the hallmark of a successful service company.zuerich

The agency is managed by Tessa Kloosterboer, Qualified Translator, who specializes in German-English translations. She is your contact person and in charge of coordinating projects with other translators where necessary.

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Born to an ex-pat family Tessa spent her formative years in Zurich, Switzerland, receiving an English education (ICS/ZIS). Returning to Switzerland after several years abroad she studied translation and has been working as a translator since 2003. With an English mothertongue and a perfect command of German as well as fluency in several other European languages, her international background provides her with an insight of both domestic and international customs cultures enabling her to deliver translations of a very high standard.

In 2014, Tessa did the CELTA certificate for teaching English to adults and now divides her time between translating and teaching. She finds this a very satisfying combination as both professions deal with different aspects of language and culture, subjects she is passionate about.
In 2018 she also qualified for SVEB I, allowing her more scope to teaching in Switzerland.


Tessa Kloosterboer

Dipl. Übersetzerin HF (Qualified Translator)
Language Teacher CELTA/SVEB I